Support The Indigenous People's Day Five

District Attorney Lori Frugoli:

We strongly urge you to drop all charges against the Indigenous Peoples Day 5. By doing so you will be acting in integrity with the progressive values you have committed to uphold.

The Greater Bay Area has a long-standing history of activism and civil disobedience that we embody with pride and humility. We believe that the legacy of the Bay Area is exactly this: active civic engagement with the issues that matter most to our communities. We want to believe that this is a place where justice can thrive, not wither under repressive leadership.

The targeting of Indigenous women and Two Spirited people is not only out of alignment with the principles you profess to espouse, it is a continuation of the legacy of anti-Indigenous violence that persists to this day. By continuing to press these charges, you are sending a message that prosecuting Indigenous community members is the best use of the resources of your office. By charging only Indigenous people, you are aligning yourself with the dangerous trend toward repression of BIPOC activists and those speaking up against violent, genocidal figures such as Junipero Serra.

Your office recently hosted a webinar on “Responding to hate crimes, racism and anti-semitism in Marin” and it seems completely incongruous that you would be continuing to prosecute this group of all-Indigenous community members who were singled out during a demonstration against racism and colonialism. This is the moment to take a stance in support of recognizing that the removal of this statue was in and of itself a response to the brutal and racist violence that is central to Junipero Serra’s legacy.

We are writing to urge you to act in accordance with your own stated values, those of standing against racism in Marin, and drop the charges now against the Indigenous Peoples Day 5.


The Indigenous Peoples Day 5 Solidarity Coalition and the following undersigned supporters

Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)

Justice Teams Network

Mt. Diablo Rising Tide

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

National Lawyers Guild San Francisco-Bay Area

Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala

Ohio Women's Alliance

CodePink Women for Peace, East Bay Chapter

Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Front Bay Aree

Indigenous Solidarity Network

Northern New Mexico Showing Up for Racial Justice (NNMSURJ)

Anti Police-Terror Project

Jewish Youth for Community Action

Catalyst Project

End Solitary Santa Cruz County [CA, USA]

Seeding Sovereignty


Peoples Alliance

Indigenous Harm Reduction Team

Poverty Kills 2020

Homes Not Hate

Restore Oakland

Urgent Action Fund

Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area

Water Protector Legal Collective

Albuquerque SURJ

Cenyeliztli Seeds

350 Seattle

Morning Star Gali, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice - CURYJ

West Berkeley Shellmound Network

Jewish Voice for Peace - Bay Area

Marin Mutual Aid Brigade

National Brown Berets

North Oakland Restorative Justice Council

Showing Up for Racial Justice San Francisco

Professor Erin Gray, University of California, Davis

First Congregational Church - Ripon, CA

Pesticide Action Network

House the Bay

Showing Up for Racial Justice Marin

Rising Tide North America

People’s Strike Bay Area

Turtle Island Restoration Center

Planting Justice

Transform Alameda

Industrial Workers of the World

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Desert Coast Dance Performing Arts

Kehilla Community Synagogue

Palestinian Youth Movement

San Bernardino Free Them All

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Bay Area Chapter

Defund SFPD Now

Parivar - Our Queer and Trans South Asian Family

SURJ Bay Area

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity