Support The Indigenous People's Day Five

A group of Indigenous women and Two Spirited people are facing felony charges in relation to the toppling of a statue of Junipero Serra, infamous enslaver of Indigenous people, in front of Mission San Rafael.

a linocut image with flowers and the text 'drop the charges #IP5 #SupportIndigenousResistance'

On Monday, August 9, we are asking supporters of the Indigenous Peoples Day 5 to take action in support of IP5. Our comrades are back to court on September 1, so before that we want to keep the pressure on the DA's office and the Marin County Board of Supervisors to #DROPTHECHARGES! Other creative actions in support also very welcome!

On Monday, August 9, starting at 8am, please join us in calling Otis Bruce and Lori Frugoli in the Marin County DA's office, at (415) 473-6450. Facebook event here.

In addition, please call the Marin County Board of Supervisors, who are in charge of the funding for the DA's office. Let them know what you think of these charges! You can reach them at (415) 473-7331

You can also tweet at the Marin County DA's office at @MarinCounty_DA, tag them on IG at @da_marincounty and find them on FB here.

Please also continue to share the petition (let's get to 100K signatures!) and the Fundrazer.


Follow the IP5 on IG at @decolonizers_defense.

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Community Members,

We are writing to you to ask for your pledge of support for the group calling themselves the “Indigenous Peoples Day 5”, and sign a letter demanding District Attorney Lori Frugoli drop all charges against the group. All Indigenous women and Two Spirited people, they are facing felony charges in relation to the toppling of a statue of Junipero Serra at Mission San Rafael.

Junipero Serra was a murderous abuser of Indigenous people, notorious for imprisoning and enslaving Indigenous people in what is now known as California. His canonization was and is vehemently opposed by many groups, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and numerous statues of Serra have been taken down for this reason. This is part of a nationwide effort to remove symbols of violence, brutality, enslavement, and genocide, with many removed by city and state officials themselves.

We are calling on District Attorney Lori Frugoli to drop the charges against the Indigenous Peoples Day 5. Lori Frugoli is continuing to press charges, despite thousands of signatures on a petition demanding that the charges be dropped and thousands of emails and phone calls from supporters across the Bay Area and beyond.

We are asking you to please sign on to this letter that we have written to Lori Frugoli, to add your name to the growing list of people who refuse to allow this kind of repressive prosecution to continue.

In community,

The Indigenous Peoples Day 5 Solidarity Coalition